Freeing Jared (Renegades & Rescues #1)

Freeing Jared Renegades&Rescues #1

When nervous rescue Jared Cooper is held hostage in his own home, escape seems impossible. Surviving the endless forces of Agents deadset on killing rescues like him on a daily basis is even tougher. Jared didn’t ask to be born a ditchbreed, a class permanently marking him as an undesirable outcast of society. It’s only thanks to a small counter group, the Renegades, that those stained like Jared have a fighting chance.

FREEING JARED, Renegades & Rescues #1 – Now available on Amazon for sale and Kindle Unlimited!

When confident, cocky Renegade Reese Slater arrives at a safe house for his next assignment, the last thing he expects is to meet an anxious rescue that captures his heart and sets his soul on fire. Jared is downright addicting and the moment they meet, Jared’s shy sensuality awakens in him a fierce protectiveness…along with a burning need to show Jared just how desirable he is.

Reese’s strong arms and heated kisses are seductive promises that Jared desperately wants, but with so many other ditchbreeds fighting for their lives, Jared doesn’t feel he is deserving of the pleasure. When he and Reese are thrust together to conduct one of the riskiest rescues the Renegades have ever attempted, Jared will discover just how much strength lies within him, and how far someone like Reese will go to prove he can love and be loved in return.

FREEING JARED is a m/m romance novel with a small age gap, steamy m/m sex, and hurt/comfort


Freeing Jared, Renegades & Rescues #1 – Available for purchase and Kindle Unlimited!

Finding Rae, Renegades & Rescues #2— Now available for purchase and Kindle Unlimited!

Forgiving Declan, Renegades & Rescues #3 – Coming February 2019!

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