Freeing Jared Renegades&Rescues #1

FREEING JAREDRenegades & Rescues # 1

Nervous rescue Jared Cooper is downright addicting to cocky Renegade Reese Slater. Reese’s strong arms and heated kisses are seductive promises that Jared desperately wants, but with so many other ditchbreeds fighting for their lives, Jared doesn’t feel he is deserving of the pleasure. As they fight for their lives against Agents who want ditchbreed rescues like Jared tracked down and killed, Reese and Jared will learn they just might be stronger together.

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image1FINDING RAERenegades & Rescues # 2

Separated from her brothers by a man who claims to have left his Agent ways behind, Renegade Rae Cooper finds herself caught up in a search for something that could free her and her brothers for good. While fighting off Agents and protecting her family, Rae also finds herself caught up in Nick Farrington’s arms…

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The Renegades & Rescues series is edited by Charlie Knight, a professional editor known for their generous rates for indie authors. Check out more about Charlie’s services here!